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Kurtis, I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your mentoring and guidance today. Your professionalism and kindness eases a little of the pain and embarrassment during these hard times. I am looking forward to working with you and getting this nightmare behind us as soon as possible.

B. Rucker

Mr. Loomis was just what we needed! We had so many questions and fears about bankruptcy and he had all the answers!

Diane H.

I would like to sincerely say thank you for representing us through this difficult time in our lives with our bankruptcy. Today we had the opportunity to sit through seven cases before our own. Had we been there as a spectator, shopping for a bankruptcy attorney, hands down we would have hired Jason Greene and your law firm. In each of the prior cases we noticed that either the attorney or the client was not fully prepared, and in some cases, both. Your team did a magnificent job getting us ready and Jason did a wonderful job representing us at the table. We cannot fully express the relief and satisfaction we are experiencing to have this past us and off our shoulders.

Clinton V.

My elderly parents had to file bankruptcy. We asked around for a recommendation and Mr. Loomis was the only name we heard. It was very difficult for my parents to deal with this situation they were afraid that they would loose everything. They were embarrassed and confused. Mr. Loomis was a godsend; he was so kind and compassionate. We all felt instantly at ease with him and his kind staff. He explained things in a way we could all understand and helped us every step of the way. Now that their case is over, they are still in their home and very grateful for what Mr. Loomis did for them.

Pat R.

Nobody ever wants to go through a divorce. Mr. Loomis was with me every step in the process, answering all questions in a kind and sensitive way. I was frightened and very unsure about the entire divorce at the start, but he and his staff were there for me at every turn. Thank you for helping me on to my new life.

Ann B.

My auto broke down on the day of my trial. Kurtis came early to my house, picked me up and drove me to court. My meeting with the trustee went smoothly. After the hearing he bought me a cup of coffee and drove me home. I was completely impressed.

Kaylynne P.

My husband and I used our entire retirement savings trying to avoid bankruptcy. We paid thousands to companies that were charging us 30% interest, late fees, and attorney’s fees. The balances never went down no matter what we did. We started having marital problems due to the stress. We finally met with Mr. Loomis and realized how effective a bankruptcy could be to help us get out from under an endless pile of debt. He helped us more than I could ever express with words.

Jennifer C.

I was referred to Mr. Loomis by my mother who had filed a divorce through his offices a couple years earlier. I understand why she referred me to him. His prices were quite reasonable, he spent the time I needed for my case, and my own divorce was completed in less than 4 months.”

Estella R.

I was so nervous about going to court, but Mr. Loomis explained everything in detail prior to my hearing, the judge asked the very questions I was prepared for and my hearing went flawlessly.

Jonathon M.

We never thought we would be filing bankruptcy. Our construction business just couldn’t survive these last few years. We met with Kurtis to discuss our financial problems and he gave us advice that allowed us to keep our home and our cars. His suggestions were extremely effective and we would recommend him to anyone who needs help!

Ingrid & Raphael P.

My wife and I went to Mr. Loomis’ office to file for bankruptcy. Mr. Loomis met with us for over an hour and went through our situation in detail. After our meeting, Mr. Loomis actually gave us advice on how we might resolve our issues without filing bankruptcy. As a result, we never did file bankruptcy and never did use Mr. Loomis’ services. I was just so happy that he was more interested in helping us than just getting a new client.

Paul P.

I used Kurtis Loomis to handle my bankruptcy. He was very professional and compassionate. He made the process very easy. I would highly recommend him!


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