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This process can surely be extremely challenging. Our Loveland divorce attorneys Colorado have assisted numerous people to a successful conclusion of their marriage. We will most certainly help you get through this. Click below to schedule Colorado divorce lawyer consultation or learn more about our do it yourself divorce attorney services. Allow us to set you up for a fresh start!

Each of our Fort Collins divorce lawyers, attorneys law firm have the knowledge, resources, and experience to handle your case professionally, regardless of complexity. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us to find out more about our family law services. You can also find out how we protect your interests and getting your life moving in the right direction.

Family Court judges in Colorado have substantial authority in deciding property division, alimony payments (known as maintenance), debt allocation, as well as visitation rights related to divorce proceedings. It is critical for you to work with a knowledgeable, experienced law firm for your divorce proceedings in order to have someone fighting for your best interests.

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    Family Divorce Lawyers Fort Collins, Colorado

    If you think you are going through serious marital matter, we can ensure that you’re prepared for every possibility. Reach out to our Colorado legal team to schedule a consultation to discuss your divorce. That is to say, we serve Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Ault and more Colorado towns.

    Quite a few clients seek us out due to unexpected legal problems that appear during your “do-it-yourself” divorce. Couples think they can settle affordably and quickly. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. We assist people who run into the following:

  • Legally questionable forms
  • Vague, non-specific language
  • Filling out the wrong sections on a document
  • A multitude of issues can show up when you don’t you a divorce attorney. We have years of success in family law proceedings. Our primary goal is to get you through your divorces accurately, avoiding potential troubles.

    Attorney Divorce Services in Loveland, Fort Collins, and Longmont

    divorce attorney services
  • Spousal alimony payments/maintenance
  • Hidden assets
  • Divorce in Colorado
  • Real estate equity & foreclosure
  • Complex Asset Division
  • Debt and property settlements
  • Military divorce
  • How family attorneys can help?

  • Our top divorce lawyers in Boulder, Colorado will provide a detailed assessment of your personal financial situation. Also we would advise you on how alimony and child support payments.
  • We collaborate with mental health professionals and child custody evaluators to generate a detailed plan for visitation and child custody that fits best for your family
  • Loomis and Greene family lawyers have the capability and personnel to look into financial abnormalities that might indicate your spouse is hiding income or assets
  • A divorce attorney will break down property division guidelines, and how it affects the divisions of our complex assets like business interests, retirement funds, and investments.
  • So read more about our child support lawyer and child custody lawyer. Also call L&G the best divorce attorney Fort Collins to find out how we can achieve optimal outcome for you and your children.

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    Who should file first?

    In most cases it will not matter who files first, although if you live in different counties or states this can be extremely important.

    In the event that you have already received papers, our best divorce attorneys in Fort Collins, CO will work swiftly to guarantee that your property rights are adequately protected. Therefore you can prevent being taken advantage of. One of our top rated divorce attorneys Boulder can help you understand your rights and also the divorce decree.

    How much does a divorce lawyer cost in Сolorado?
    How much does a divorce lawyer cost

    This doesn’t have to be expensive, if the spouses cooperate with each other they can make it very affordable. The costs of fixing the legal issues arising after your do it yourself divorce could end up being more expensive than you can imagine. So hiring the best divorce lawyers near me from the beginning can help guarantee a legally correct outcome and avoid those divorce costs.

    Here at Loomis & Greene, our men divorce lawyers in Fort Collins, Colorado recognize that many of our customers are worried about the cost that comes with divorce. Are you questioning “who is the best divorce lawyer Windsor?” We strive to work efficiently while focusing on your emotional and financial success.

    Your ability to stay rational and think strategically during a highly emotional, life-changing time in your life is going to affect your future drastically. Whatever has brought you to this situation, you surely have to be ready for whatever the future may bring in a calm way.

    Please don’t hesitate to call us to learn about the benefits of working with a divorce lawyer in Fort Collins, Loveland.

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    How long does divorce take?

    That is to say, in the state of Colorado, every divorce requires a ninety day waiting period. This means it will not be finalized in less than that period. So the important part is to come to a mutual agreement on the critical aspects. This is certainly the primary factor in how long your divorce will take to complete.

    How much does a divorce lawyer cost?

    The complexety of your case will most likely determine the cost of hiring Fort Collins divorce attorneys in Colorado. The higher the level of conflict between spouses, the more likely the price will increase. Get in touch with us for a attorney consultation so we let you know how much your divorce cost.

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